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We work with the support of official organizations

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Support the association

Even a little help can turn into a list of good things to do. Together we can improve this world

  • Visa Assistance

  • Settlement Services

  • Cultural Integration

  • Organization of events

  • Support in Difficult Times

  • Advocacy

  • Visa agent

  • Christmas

  • New Year

  • Flag day

  • Independence Day

  • Territory Day

  • Constitution Day

  • Scheduled meetings

  • Parliamentary rallies

  • Help refugees from Ukraine

  • Help in obtaining a driver's license

  • Assistance in obtaining a visa

  • Psychological support

  • Online petitions for obtaining permanent resident after visa 786

  • Online consultation with a visa agent

Whether you're a newcomer seeking support or an individual passionate about contributing to our community, we welcome your involvement. Join us in building a strong and connected Ukrainian community in the Northern Territory

Coming Up Next

We will be glad to see you and your family and us at the holiday

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